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Shailene Woodley Height

The American actress Shailene Diann Woodley (born November 15, 1991) is a screenwriter. Born in San Bernardino, California, Woodley is a Californian actress and model who began modeling at the age of five and acting professionally in minor television roles at 13. Her first big break came from her starring role as Amy Juergens in The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008–2013), a teen drama series on ABC Family that highlighted the lives of teenagers nationwide. Its all about Shailene Woodley height, age, career, personal life, and bio.

After starring in The Descendants (2011) and The Spectacular Now (2013), she received her first Golden Globe nomination for the latter, in which she won the award. He is also an environmental activist in addition to his acting career. A Greenpeace Oceans Ambassador, she works to raise awareness of the oceans. She is a member of the Leadership Council of Conservation International and the Advisory Council of GoodLeap.She is also a board member of Our Revolution and co-founder of All it Takes.

Shailene Woodley Bio:

NameShailene Diann Woodley
NicknameShailo, Shailee, Shailey, Shailette
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1991
Age31 Years
Net Worth$12 million

Shailene Woodley Family and Career

Woodley was raise in Simi Valley, California, a Los Angeles suburb. She is the daughter of two psychologists, both of whom are psychologists. It is her mother, Lori (née Victor); Woodley’s father is a former middle school counselor, principal, and family therapist. Tanner is her younger brother, who lives in her house. When Woodley was taking classes at a local theater, an agent noticed her and signed her up for classes. Her early commercial work included advertisements for Leapfrog, Hertz, and Honda minivans. Read More

Her parents only allowed her to work professionally if she followed three rules: “I had to stay the person they knew I was, have fun, and do well in school.” The Simi Valley High School graduate was a 4.0 student who took AP courses and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Anthony Meindl has also taught her acting lessons over the years. The fifteen-year-old woman was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age and was placed in a plastic brace for two years from the chest to the hips. According to Woodley, “It was like wearing a tacky, disgusting, plastic corset for 18 hours a day. I couldn’t eat or breathe at first. But I needed it to realign my spine”.

In To Catch a Killer, she plays a talented but troubled cop recruited by the FBI to help profile and track down a serial killer. Director Damián Szifron is set to direct the film, and you can find out more about him here. As part of the project, Woodley will also serve as a producer. Filming for Panopticon began in the summer of 2021 in New Mexico with Anthony Mackie and Jacob Latimore. Originally scheduled to start filming in New Mexico in August 2021, she joined Jack Whitehall in Robots.

Shailene Woodley Social Media:

Shailene Woodley Personal Life

The date of her relationship with Australian-Fijian rugby union player Ben Volavola was confirm by Woodley in 2018. “I fall in love with human beings because of who they are. I don’t fall in love with them because of what they do or what they are, based on their sexual orientation.” The Hollywood Reporter quoted her. In April 2020, there was a report that the couple had parted ways with Volavola.

The Hollywood Reporter reported in 2020 that Woodley was in a relationship with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It was in February 2021 that Rodgers, at the NFL Honors ceremony, referred to his “fiancee” when accepting the league’s MVP award for the year, confirming that he was engaged. Still, he should have mentioned to whom he was hire. When Woodley appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on February 22, 2021, she confirmed that she had engaged to Rodgers. The engagement between Woodley and Rodgers reportedly ended in February 2022, according to reports.

Shailene Woodley Net Worth

The net worth of Shailene Woodley is estimated to be $12 million, which is the amount she has earned by acting. As one of the most well-known actresses in the world, Shailene Woodley is note for her role in “The Fault in Our Stars,” the film adaptation of John Green’s bestselling novel of the same name. As well as appearing in the HBO drama series “Big Little Lies,” she has also appeared in films like “The Mauritanian” and “The Fallout,” among others.

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